Cthulhu Goes Bowling

BONUS: 00000000
HISCORE: 03293050 (115) WC

How to Play Cthulhu Bowling

Up and Down Arrow KeysMove your old one into position
with the up and down arrows.

Left Arrow KeyThrow your horrific fire down the lane by hitting the left arrow.

What makes Cthulhu Bowling different?

Up and Down Arrow KeysSteer your ball with the up and down arrows as it rolls to hit all the pins. You get more bonus points the less you steer.


Players can also use the W, A, S, and D keys.

Arrows Keys and W-A-S-D
A kitten messing with wires.

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Don't panic yet, though!!!

There's a good chance that if you just hit your browser's RELOAD button all will be well. You will be able to continue playing from your current level.

If you do continue to experience problems, try restarting your browser. However, then Apocalypse Bear will have to restart his quest from the beginning.

Again, our apologies. This is our first web game.

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